Chasing Rainbows

Without realising it, I find myself chasing rainbows on a daily basis. That elusive sense of having discovered the formula of life itself, of finally having it all sussed, only for it to evaporate from my very palms.

Of course, life is just that; constantly moving on, forever trickling out of reach, goal posts realigned. But without change and challenges, life would be, well, not life at all.

I do believe, however, that this puzzlement of constant striving is often down to what we are expected to achieve, rather than what we would like to achieve. Having been posed the question of ‘How do you want to feel?’ provokes (from me) the response of ‘satisfied’, ‘valued’, ‘creative’, ‘in-control’, and to feel a sense of ‘, self-worth’ and ‘high self-esteem’.

These attributes are most certainly not the result of what I spend most of my time doing at the moment! Unless I change direction and start to reassess my actions, that rainbow will always remain just out of reach. Time to pursue that pot of gold.

#LYL #liveyourlegend #newblog #newchallenge #life #dreams #goals

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