More sleep please

After reading further into my current book (‘Why We Sleep’ by Michael Walker) last night, I actually slept pretty badly! Maybe by the time I finish the book I will have learnt why! I’ve had a cold the past few days so perhaps that affected my ability to seek the sanctum of slumber but, essentially, I think I already know why.

In order for me to function at optimum levels (which includes sleeping peacefully), I need to do certain things on a regular basis, preferably daily.

Meditation: even ten minutes daily reaps tenfold reward. Currently I’m using the Calm app that provides guided meditation, amongst other options such as sleep stories and calming music.

Fresh air: this sounds easier than it actually is! Like most people, my job involves me being indoors. Then I cook indoors, I do the household chores indoors, I read … indoors … well, I do live in Wales! Luckily, I have two dogs who need walking and this is generally the motivation that gets me out there.

Exercise: a walk just isn’t enough. I mean lung-busting, lactic acid forming excertion. But it only needs to last a few minutes in order to be beneficial and my cross-trainer normally does the trick.

Fasting: two days out of seven, I normally ‘fast’ but it’s not a strict no-food-at-all version. Calorie intake is restricted to just 500 per day, and this has lots of health benefits; levelling your weight to an acceptable point being just one of them! Check out Michael Mosley’s ‘The Fast Diet’ book if this has caught your attention.

Last week, I had a week off, as it’s the Easter holidays here at the moment. This meant I was totally out of routine and none of the above were observed! It’s probably the reason why the cold virus finally got its claws into me, too! Who said holidays were good for you?

This week, I’ve been doing my best to adhere to what I know works for me, despite my cold doing its best to drag me down. Not for long, though, hopefully!

Sweet dreams 😴

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