Throwing caution to the wind

So it starts here; my fight against conservatism and my dalliance with creativity. My procrastination and fear need to be put to one side in order to achieve my goals.

Firstly: books. I love them. I love a paperback that engrosses me to the point that I am stirring my Bolognese on the hob with one hand whilst holding the book in the other, ignoring splashes of petulant tomato sauce; I love a hardback with a proud, glossy cover that gloats with the knowledge of longevity; I love fiction, non- fiction, health advice and artful compositions.

Modern word vessels such as Kindle and papyrus aren’t for me. Their intangible sleek perfection and odourless form lack connection to the soul. That page-turning anticipation doesn’t exist. Books that should fill shelves are minute and dust-free. When your device is switched off the ‘book’ simply disappears instead of waiting patiently on your bedside table to be picked up again.

Secondly: writing. I love to write. I most of all love writing in pencil. I think it’s because of that traction you can feel as it goes over the paper like a blade on ice that a pen doesn’t seem to provide. My handwriting also looks best in pencil! It’s consistently styled without me having to think about it and I’ve always cared about presentation – even my drafts! One day, I hope my writing will morph into a book; something that other people will want to pick up and cherish, connect with and relate to.

Let me know what you love to do and I’ll do some listening too 🙂

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